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About Us

We are a group of committed aviation enthusiasts who have formally secured re-registration of the Focke Wulf name. We have resurrected this proud name and will bring this heritage to those who have a passion for aviation and its rich history. Our aim is to produce high quality, affordable and practical products, inspired by the beauty and style of Focke Wulf aircraft. To do this, we have partnered with an experienced Swiss manufacturer to select, design and build our range of watches in Switzerland in compliance with the stringent quality regulations set by the Swiss Federal Council for Swiss made watches.


History and Heritage

Founded in 1923 Bremen Germany, Focke Wulf was an aviation company that designed and produced some of the most iconic and historically significant aircraft of the 20th century. Driven by the vision of test pilot, and later lead designer Kurt Waldemar Tank, Focke Wulf established itself as one of the giants of German aviation. Leading with innovation and practicality, Focke Wulf produced reliable, effective and beautiful aircraft that advanced both civilian as well as military needs for decades. Following the end of the second world war, like many other German aviation companies, Focke Wulf declined and overtime was absorbed into a series of European aviation entities. Focke Wulf as it had existed for 40 years was officially defunct in 1964 and the name disappeared. Until now.


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