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  • Schweizer Chronograph
  • Uhrwerk: Ronda 5021.D (Schweizer Quarz)
  • Garantie: 4 Jahre
  • KOSTENLOSER weltweiter Versand
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The Focke Wulf Wurger II Watch is inspired by the variants that followed the famous FW190A series aircraft that first flew combat operations in August 1941. The most famous of these is the 190D (Dora) series and the Ta-152. They each built on the foundations of the 190A series to create faster, more potent aircraft. They were not only elegant, but technically more advanced than their predecessors.

Like the FW190 Anton (A series), the FW190D Dora was used as an advanced fighter and an interceptor, but was not used as extensively for ground-attack.


Wichtige Punkte

The Focke Wulf FW190 watch has a 42.5mm case with tapering brushed lugs and a chrome bezel. It is made from high grade stainless steel. The Focke Wulf watch has a classic crown (controlling time and date), and two capped pushers (controlling the chronograph). Unlike the Wurger I, this watch has a sepia toned, beige dial with the classic, flieger style triangle at 12. The watch face is protected by K1 mineral crystal with sapphire coating for added strength, clarity and durability. The polished rear case plate is engraved with the Focke Wulf logo. The brushed buckle is inset with the Focke Wulf name.

Flieger-Style Watches: Where Heritage Meets Innovation

In the 1930s, the German government commissioned the creation of a specialised timepiece for aviators. Known as B-Uhr watches (short for Beobachtungs-Uhren), they were known for their size, originally measuring 55mm in diameter and utilising pocket watch movements.

German Flieger watches were not issued as personal keepsakes. Instead, they were considered essential flight equipment, meant to be returned after each mission.

Crafted in two distinct styles, Type A and Type B, these watches shared a common aesthetic but differed in their dial layouts. Type A featured a minimalist, traditional clock design, while Type B showcased a more intricate arrangement.

Both styles boasted a commanding 55-millimetre case diameter, a matte black dial with luminous markers and hands, and a pocket watch movement.

Choosing a Flieger watch is about more than just selecting a timepiece; it’s about connecting with a rich history of aviation and adventure. These watches symbolise precision, reliability and a pioneering spirit.

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or a watch collector, a Flieger-style watch promises timeless quality and sophisticated style.


Wir stehen zu unseren Produkten mit einer internationalen Garantie von 4 JahrenWir unterstützen diese Garantie durch ein Netzwerk von autorisierten Reparaturwerkstätten auf der ganzen Welt.

Präzision steht im Mittelpunkt unserer Produkte. Wir bauen und testen unsere Uhren in der Schweiz und verbinden traditionelle Uhrmacherkunst mit modernen Praktiken. Dies garantiert die Konstruktion jeder Uhr und stellt sicher, dass wir die vom Schweizerischen Bundesrat für Swiss Made Watches festgelegten Vorschriften einhalten.


Wir bieten KOSTENLOSEN internationalen Versand. Wir verpacken unsere Produkte von Hand und versenden mit internationalen Kurieren.

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Functional Elegance

One of the hallmarks of Flieger watches is their impeccably clear and easily readable dials. The luminous markers and hands ensure exceptional visibility in any lighting condition. Though deeply rooted in aviation history, Flieger-style watches exude versatility, making them ideal for any occasion or use.

Place an order today and experience unparalleled craftsmanship.

Elevate Your Collection With Focke Wulf Watches

Discover the allure of our German Flieger watches. They are symbols of resilience and practicality, much like the iconic aircraft that inspired them.

At the heart of each Focke Wulf watch lies the renowned Ronda Swiss quartz movement, celebrated for its practical design. This style is far less vulnerable to dust, moisture, vibrations and magnetic fields compared to mechanical watches.

Browse our timepieces today and own a piece of aviation excellence.



Gehäusematerial Edelstahl
Gehäuseabmessungen 42.5 mm (diameter) 12mm (thickness)
Glas K1 Mineralglas mit Saphirbeschichtung
Wasserdicht 100 M (10 ATM)
Zifferblattfarbe Sepia toned, beige
Armbandmaterial Leder mit dunklen Stichen
Besonderheiten Chronograph plus Datumsanzeige
Uhrwerk Typ Ronda 5021.D

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  1. Gerald Caballero Team Butcherbird

    I am the proud owner of
    the last watch on the Focke-Wulf 100th Anniversary Run. I am used to bigger dial sizes so at initial glance felt light weight out of the box. Once I put the Würger on my wrist, it fit perfectly. Like the Fw-190, it’s built like a “Tank””, pun intended. I have put the watch through several military flight missions onboard high performance aircraft and I am truly
    impressed by its performance. 6 Gs, no problem. It’s the perfect balance between Luftwaffe Classical Style and modern elegance design.

  2. Jason Wills

    Got this as a Father’s day gift. Just love it. I’ve always loved the Focke Wulf 190 series, so I’m thrilled to own a genuine Focke Wulf watch.

  3. Michael Townsend

    This is an exceptional watch! The FW 190 series of aircraft are my favorite, and I have built many a model of such. To have a watch made by the same company is unique. The Wurger II is exceptionally well crafted. The band is a bit small for my wrist, a few inches more would be nice. I have #23/50.
    I’ve been a professional pilot 45 years, and this watch is certainly reflective of my many hours aloft.

  4. Dieter W

    The watch arrived today and I am very happy with the quality, look, feel and overall presentation of the watch. I collect a range of high premium watches and I feel that your watch is great value for your price point.

  5. Roger Pond

    I’m very pleased with my purchase. This is a beautiful watch and is a real head turner. The dial looks a light shade of gold in certain lighting conditions, and this really adds a real depth to the watch. Such a pleasure to look at!

  6. Clive

    The watch is perfect. I visited the Luftwaffe museum in Hannover in April this year and a Focke Wulf 190 was there. I took hundreds of pictures to recreate a scale model. Now I’m delighted to have a Focke Wulf watch that is 20 out of 50 made

  7. Adam Collins

    An excellent watch. It’s classy, well finished and great value for money. Highly recommend.

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