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What makes a good watch?

By Oktober 31, 2021Uncategorized
A guide to a good watch

Things to consider when picking a watch

It can be hard to pick the right watch for the right situation. There are so many things to consider! Is it a formal setting? Is it semi formal? Is it entirely casual, or is it for everyday utility?

Even once you answer these basic questions, it just opens up a new range of things to consider. Thankfully, these are topics that have been considered by others. Here is a great page from the Art of Manliness site where they deal with these questions, head on.

At Focke Wulf, we aim to build watches for all occasions and all types of uses. We have a natural inclination towards pilot watches and aviation in general. It’s in our DNA. Though we agree with the analysis, we think our Chronographs can easily match a formal setting. They are just such good looking watches! The ‘Flieger’, pilot watch is a great everyday watch. It’s comfortable and functional. Finally, the Stieglitz like its namesake, is a fun, rugged watch built to be used by someone who’s active.

Please have a have a look and we’re sure you’ll agree!

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