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Swiss Made Watches: Quality Craftsmanship

A Timeless Heritage

Experience timeless beauty and precision with Focke Wulf Aviation Watches.
Crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, our Swiss-made wristwatches impress collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Each timepiece exudes sophistication and remarkable performance.
Discover our Swiss-made watches, masterfully blending aviation history with modern luxury.


  • Würger II

  • Würger Black (Sturmböcke)

  • Condor


At Focke Wulf, we design watches to suit every occasion and purpose. Whether you need a refined timepiece for formal events or a reliable watch for everyday use, our collection offers versatility and style for every moment.

Explore our range of affordable Swiss-made watches:


The Wurger II watch pays homage to the FW190D Dora and Ta-152 aircraft, renowned for their advanced technology and superior speed. These aircraft, successors to the FW190A series, played a crucial role in aerial combat, showcasing a blend of elegance and technical sophistication. The Wurger II captures this legacy, offering a timepiece that embodies both style and precision engineering.

With a 42.5mm high-grade stainless steel case, the Wurger II features tapering brushed lugs and a chrome bezel, exuding durability and refinement. Its sepia-toned beige dial, highlighted by the classic Flieger-style triangle at 12, is protected by K1 mineral crystal with a sapphire coating, ensuring clarity and durability.


Introducing the Focke Wulf Würger Black Watch, a timepiece inspired by the formidable aircraft variants that engaged Allied bombers. Known to the Germans as the ‘Sturmbock’ (battering rams), these aircraft made a significant impact with their armour and powerful weaponry.

Our Würger Black Watch embodies the spirit of resilience with its robust 42.5mm case, tapering brushed lugs and chrome bezel. Made from high-grade stainless steel, it is strong and beautifully balanced.

This exquisite Swiss-made watch features a classic crown for controlling the time and date, along with two capped pushers. Its watch face is safeguarded by K1 mineral crystal with a sapphire coating.


Our Focke Wulf Fw200 Condor watch draws inspiration from the record-breaking civilian version of the iconic German passenger aircraft, The Condor. Celebrated for its wide wingspan and high service ceiling, this aircraft was designed to fly across the Atlantic with ease.

This Swiss-made wristwatch features a 38mm high-grade stainless steel case with a sleek black dial. A fitting tribute to the 1930s golden era of aviation, it’s adorned with a luxurious black leather strap, polished metal accents and mineral glass.

About Us

Welcome to the official website for Focke Wulf Aircraft!

Focke Wulf was a giant of the German aviation industry. Founded in Bremen, Germany in 1923, Focke Wulf produced some of the most iconic aircraft of the 20th Century. Focke Wulf aircraft were practical, reliable, and beautiful – in line with the vision of test pilot and lead designer Kurt Waldemar Tank. Amongst others, Focke Wulf produced the famous Fw200 Condor and the legendary Fw190. Like many German aviation companies, Focke Wulf was absorbed into various European aviation entities after World War II ended.

Focke Wulf 190 collage

Quality and Design Philosophy

Focke Wulf watches are designed and made in Switzerland. All of our watches comply with the quality standards set by the Swiss Federal Council for Swiss made watches.

Our watches are practical, just like the Focke Wulf aircraft that inspired them.

Kurt Tank described the iconic FW190 as a ‘Dienstpferd’ – a charger or cavalry horse. A pilot himself, Tank knew that military aircraft would need to be reliable and flexible. He designed the FW190 to be easy to operate and maintain in tough conditions. Tank’s philosophy meant that his workhorses were successful in all conditions, especially the most challenging. Like the FW 190, the Ronda Swiss quartz movement in our Focke Wulf watches is a workhorse.

We use the Ronda Swiss quartz movement because it is:

  • practical, durable, accurate, and reliable
  • far less vulnerable to dust, moisture, vibrations and magnetic fields compared to mechanical watches
  • cost effective to buy and maintain

We won’t compromise on the quality, elegance or versatility of our products. Our watches are designed to serve the everyday, practical demands of our customers.

We stand by our products with a 4 year international warranty.

FW190 weapons layout


We are proud to stand by our products. We offer a 4 year international warranty. The warranty is supported through a network of authorised repairers across the globe.

Precision is at the heart of our products. Our watches are assembled and tested in Switzerland, blending traditional watch making skills with modern practises. This guarantees the build of each watch, ensuring that we remain compliant with the regulations set by the Swiss Federal Council for Swiss made watches.


Designed for both comfort and durability, our range includes classic tees and polo shirts. Each piece features unique, aviation-inspired designs and is engineered from quality materials like cotton and polyester to ensure lasting wear.

Browse our range and find your new favourite pieces today.


We provide FREE international shipping. We hand package our products in Australia and ship them via international couriers.

Buy with confidence – if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, you have 30 days to return your watch to us (in original condition) for a full refund.

FW190 being serviced
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