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A Condor restored

By October 14, 2021October 31st, 2021Aircraft
Classic German aircraft FW200

The last Focke Wulf FW200 Condor restored!

What a wonderful story! Patience, persistence, love and dedication. The team at the Deutsche Technikmuseum should be really proud of themselves. Only 276 FW200’s were built between 1937 and 1944. This one was pulled out of the sea near Norway and restored by a team of volunteers. It was a dream come true for many of them.

Well done to everyone involved and thank you from all of us who love these classic airplanes! The FW200 was a record breaking German aircraft that made a huge contribution to civil aviation before the Second World War. It was a military workhorse later, serving in anti shipping roles as well as serving as a transport plane. Thanks to you, another classic German aircraft will be accessible to the public again.

Check out the post here
Image courtesy of the Deutsche Technikmuseum

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