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Foundation day

By October 12, 2021Events
Focke Wulf logo

Where it all started

The original Focke Wulf Flugzeugbau was officially formed on the 24th of October 1923. Despite the loss of Georg Wulf just a few years later, Focke Wulf went from on to achieve amazing things! Kurt Tank brought leadership to a strong design team, and together they forged ahead with a range of popular and well regarded designs. The FW44 was one of them, and came in 1932. The FW200 followed soon after and went on to set a record for the longest non stop transatlantic flight in 1938.

Meanwhile, Heinrich Focke continued his ground breaking work on VTOL aircraft, showcasing his work at the 1936 Olympics in spectacular fashion! Finally we have the iconic FW190 that remains one of the finest aircraft to emerge from the Second World War. Focke Wulf played a huge role in shaping modern aviation as we know it.

As the new Focke Wulf walks in these footsteps, what should we do to celebrate?

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